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Benefits of installing a GFCI socket?
- Feb 02, 2019 -

In addition to protecting you and your family from the danger of electric shock, installing GFCI outlets will help you:

Prevent shock

Electric shock and electric shock are the main risks that you can reach through electronic devices in your home. If you have a child who may touch the appliance and get an impact without knowing it, this will become a bigger problem. The GFCI socket helps prevent electric shock and electric shock because it has a built-in sensor that monitors the flow of current into and out of any device. If the fire wire inside the device comes into contact with the metal surface of the device, it will be shocked when touched.

However, if you plug the device into a GFCI outlet, it will notice any change in current due to loose wires, and it will immediately turn off the power. Their pockets will be heavier than regular sockets, but in the long run, the security advantage will definitely outweigh the cost disadvantage.

Avoid deadly electrical fires

One of the main functions of the GFCI socket is to detect ground faults that occur when current flows out of the circuit. They are responsible for causing electrical fires. When installing a GFCI socket, it can effectively prevent electrical fires. You might argue that electronic fuses also provide basic electrical fire protection, but when you combine them with GFCI outlets, the chances of an electrical fire bursting and hurting you and your loved ones will almost drop to zero.

Avoid damage to equipment

The insulation of the equipment is likely to break over time. If there is no rest, there will be some cracks in the insulation. Some current begins to leak through these cracks into electrical appliances and other electronic products. If the external body of the device is not metal, then you will not be shocked, but long-term leakage current will damage the device. If it has a metal body, you will also encounter an electric shock.

However, when you connect your device to a GFCI outlet, you can give up on the device being damaged by leakage current. The GFCI circuit will detect leaks and shut down the circuit to prevent electrical leakage from damaging expensive equipment and equipment. You can save a lot of money without having to repair or replace damaged electrical equipment.

GFCI outlets are installed at home and in the workplace primarily for safety reasons. Remember to install them only from licensed electricians and professionals. You can't pay for the safety of the people you love, and GFCI outlets will give you peace of mind in this regard. Our D&F Liquidators have high quality GFCI sockets that you can install at home at competitive prices. Contact us for more information.