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How to pick the plug
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Understand the safety of plugs and sockets, in the purchase and use,  grasp the following points to ensure the safety of your family and  property:
First,  you must choose a regular factory, supermarket or store, choose brand  products; according to the use of electrical power to select the  appropriate (matching) products, such as: air conditioners, high-power  shower products should use 16A plugs and sockets, The  power of the appliance selection 10A plug socket can be, such as the  purchase of 16A plug power cord, you need to see the square wire size  reached 1.5 square and above, if the wire is less than 1.5 square, then  the use of high-power electrical products prone to wire Copper wire temperature, PVC skin soft, leading to electrical burned or short circuit problems.
Second,  we must see clearly whether the product logo is complete, whether there  is a manufacturer's trademark, whether there is a local country's  safety certification mark (for example, in the Chinese market, there  must be CCC mark), if the plug wire products are not marked, the plug Products must be counterfeit products, the quality of the product will not be guaranteed.
Third, the plug product inspection certificate issued by the statutory authorities and qualified reports. If the converter products are not included in the compulsory  certification, they should check the inspection report issued by the  statutory inspection agency at the time of purchase or check the  validity of the file number on the plug on the Internet.
Fourth,  plug the product for a simple plug experiments, the plug should be  inserted into the socket after a good contact, there is no feeling of  looseness, and not too hard to pull out, because although some products  after factory testing, but after shipping at the factory, it is  inevitable Will damage the plug insert, test before buying, in order to reduce a lot of unnecessary losses later.
Fifth,  never buy plug can be rotated plug or artificially change the shape of  the plug, this change the shape of the plug must pass CCC certification,  or absolutely unsafe plug products, easy to be high-voltage electrical  breakdown, nor in A  socket on the use of two larger power appliances; found plug outlet or  power cord temperature is too high or sparking, it should be  discontinued and replaced.