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self-test ground fault circuit breaker
- Feb 06, 2019 -

It is recommended that the GFCI outlet be tested monthly and replaced every ten years. You can test the circuit breaker for normal operation by following these simple steps:

The surface of the GFCI socket has two small buttons labeled Test and Reset. Simply press the test button and this will trigger a quick sound indicating that the outlet has tripped.

Once the power supply trips, you can use a voltmeter to check the efficiency of the GFCI unit.

Now plug the device into the socket and when it stops working, press the test button to secure the mechanism.

Once you know that the CFGI socket is working at maximum efficiency, you can press the reset button and the circuit breaker will open again.

While these DIY instructions are easy to understand, they do require you to be familiar with and understand the capabilities of your home electrical system. We always recommend working with a certified electrician to ensure that your system complies with the regulations to ensure your home is protected from electrical fires.

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