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What is the nuisance of GFCI?
- Jan 31, 2019 -

Only 5 mA (0.005 A) of current leakage from the hot line to the ground causes the GFCI to trip. It may be difficult to avoid a small amount of leakage current in some normal circuits. If the tool is in good condition, the hand-held power tool will not cause a trip problem. Some stationary motors, such as bathroom ventilation fans or fluorescent lighting, may generate enough leakage to cause false trips. Another problem may be a long circuit with many connectors. If possible, keep the GFCI circuit no more than 100 feet in length. To avoid nuisance, GFCI should not provide:

Circuit length over 100 feet

Fluorescent or other types of discharge lighting fixtures

Permanently mounted motor

What is the difference between GFCI and AFCI?

Arc Fault Circuit Breakers (AFCI) are safety devices for the home that provide enhanced protection against fires caused by unsafe home wiring conditions.

AFCI should not be confused with GFCI. Although both AFCI and GFCI are important safety devices, they have different functions. AFCI is designed to address fire hazards; GFCI addresses the danger of electric shock.