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At The Details Of The Most Careful,the Knowledge Of Electric Water Heater Plug
- Jan 28, 2018 -

At present, many families still use electric water heaters, electric water heaters can not be installed to do safety work, in fact, you know? Electric water heater safety and socket have a very big relationship today Xiao Bian to tell you about those things electric water heater plug.



Home indoor wiring should be grounded, and the grounding resistance value of not more than 4Ω. Household outlet, regardless of single-phase power supply or three-phase power supply, the ground must be connected with the ground power supply, outlet ground is not allowed to be empty.


Electric water heaters equipped with outlets, should be fixed with a dedicated outlet, can not use a mobile power terminal board. Socket structure, capacity and jack size should be matched with the electric water heater power plug. Socket should be placed above the level of water heater outlet, to avoid being splashed water short-circuit danger.


When using the electric water heater, the power switch on the socket should not be used to cut off the power because the earth leakage protection plug can not work after the socket power is cut off. In the event of a live wire fault, the protection can not be provided.


If the power cord is damaged, to avoid danger, a dedicated power cord supplied by the manufacturer must be used and replaced by a specialist in the service department or similar department.


In addition, many people use the electric water heater is to save power, open the switch off, do not use the water heater for a long time, in order to save energy can cut off the power. As long as the water heater is qualified by the state inspection, the power switch is turned on, open a one or two days without any major problems, if more than three days, or even for several months do not have the best off the power, unplug the plug. If it is frequently used hot water, you can always open, but the best time between two start-up interval, or both power consumption and injury to the machine.


The real energy-saving electric water heaters do not need to cut off the power frequently, because of its insulation function to complete the power supply. Frequent power outages can cause these energy-saving features to fail to start, coupled with frequent unplugging of plugs, can reduce plug life and can even create unnecessary safety hazards.