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Equipment And Places That Must Be Equipped With Earth Leakage Protection:
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Equipment and places that must be equipped with earth leakage protection (earth leakage switch):

(1)  Class I mobile electrical equipment and hand-held power tools (Class I  electrical products, ie protection against electric shock not only by  the basic insulation of the equipment but also by an additional safety  precaution such as grounding of the product enclosure) ;
(2) Electrical equipment installed in harsh, corrosive and other harsh places;
(3) electrical construction machinery and equipment at construction sites;
(4) Temporary temporary electrical equipment;
(5) guest room, hotel and guest room outlet circuit;
(6) Socket circuits in such structures as offices, schools, enterprises, and residences;
(7) swimming pool, fountain, bath lighting equipment in the water;
(8) Power lines and equipment installed in the water;

(9) Hospital direct medical contact with the body's medical equipment;
(10) other places need to install leakage protector.