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How Can The Electric Water Heater Be Prevented From Leakage?
- Jan 30, 2018 -

There are two cases of electric water heater leakage, one is the power cord collided with the conductive parts of the chassis; the other is the heat pipe shell burns through the water conduction and leakage. To prevent electric water heater leakage, from the purchase to installation must pay special attention. When buying electric water heaters, we must use the regular manufacturers qualified products. At the same time, should also pay attention to whether with leakage protector and ground wire leakage "anti-electric wall" device. When installing the electric water heater, according to the requirements of scientific and reasonable installation (especially the ground and special lines). At the same time, the selection of qualified accessories (wires, sockets, etc.), to take certain protective measures, such as the installation of leakage protector, cut off the power supply when bathing. In addition, electric water heater should be regularly overhaul. Electric water heater life expectancy is generally 6 to 8 years, then automatically scrapped. Once the leakage phenomenon is found, immediately turn off the power, unplug the plug. To be especially careful because of water and lead to electric shock, if the bathroom floor water, try not to pull the plug inside, the main switch should be closed before pulling.