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Leakage Protect
- Jan 23, 2018 -

If the current through the body only 20 ~ 30mA, generally can not directly cause ventricular fibrillation, or heart beating. But if it takes a long time, it can still cause the heart to stop beating.

Leakage protection, commonly known as leakage switch, is used to protect people from electrical shock and electrical fire when the circuit or electrical insulation is damaged. Generally, it is installed on the outlet circuit of each distribution box and the power distribution of the whole building Box power into the line, which is dedicated to preventing electrical fire.

Its scope of application is AC 50HZ rated voltage 380 V, rated current to 250 amps.

It is one of the effective measures to prevent personal electric shock accidents and it is also a technical measure to prevent electrical fire and electrical equipment from being damaged due to electric leakage. However, the installation of leakage protectors does not mean absolute safety. Operation should still be based on prevention. At the same time, other technical measures should be taken to prevent electric shock and electrical equipment from being damaged.