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Leakage Protection Plug Works
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Leakage protection plug is to detect the "ground" loop "residual current." Its  working principle is to plug the two power lines (FireWire and midline)  at the same time into a special "zero sequence current transformer"  hole, when the normal use of electricity, FireWire and neutral in the  current is exactly the same Of the current into a current transformer secondary coil voltage output. When  there is "residual current" in the "ground loop" (including the earth  loop), the two power lines penetrating the transformer are not balanced  in current, and a voltage signal proportional to the current is  generated at the output of the "current transformer" As  long as the voltage signal is large enough, the voltage signal is  amplified by the integrated circuit of the dedicated circuit board and  the like, and then the thyristor on the trigger board is changed from  the turn-off to the turn-on so as to energize the loop tripping coil in  series The main circuit trip device is disconnected, protecting personal safety that may come into contact with the power supply.