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By structure:
- Dec 08, 2017 -

By structure:
Sub-plug, socket and connector. Plugs, sockets are generally divided into two pole plug and two with ground plug.
Current through, so tell you here, as long as any electrical appliances do not use, we must unplug the plug, saving electricity.
For power products, there are usually four terms: 

1, plug (plug). Refers to the power cord and male male connector with the full name should be called plug connector. For two-pronged flat plug, English is sometimes spelled duckhead (duck head, whichever image meaning). 

2, connector (connector). Refers to the part connected to the power cord with the female socket insert. 

3, appliance input socket (inlet). Its  state and a similar, but mounted on electrical appliances and other  fixed body, but not connected, including installed in the socket body. 

4, socket (socket). Its status is similar to 2, but the installation location is the same as 3. Full name should be called appliance socket.
Of  these four words, 2 and 3 are often confused with ourselves, often with  plugs and plugs that have pins, but are actually different.

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