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Plug Classification
- Dec 08, 2017 -

Plug classification
According to the function can be divided into:
Headphone plug, dc plug, audio plug, usb plug, video plug, microphone plug, charger plug, phone plug and so on. The international household appliances are divided into three categories:
A  class: electrical appliances is only one layer of insulation measures  appliances, such appliances must be added leakage protection, and ground  protection (that is, to three-pin plug). Such as air conditioners, machine tools, motors and so on.
Two  categories: Electrical double insulation measures, plus leakage  protection, you can not ground protection (that is, you can use two-pin  plug). Such as: television, fans, lamps, Induction Cooker, electric ceramic stoves.
Three  categories: Electrical appliances are the use of safe voltage  electrical appliances, usually 12-36V appliances, such as mobile phones,  laptops and so on.