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Where In The Home Decoration Should Have Leakage Protection?
- Jan 26, 2018 -

All socket circuits should be installed in the distribution box at the RCD, if the wall-mounted air conditioning is a dedicated loop-powered, because the wall-mounted air conditioning outlets are often set relatively high (2m or so), you can not set RCD, wall-mounted air conditioning outlets Recommended to choose with the switch.

Lighting circuit can not RCD, but in the decoration, some plumbers in order to save trouble, the lighting circuit from the new outlet, this is absolutely undesirable! Some smaller units do not have a dedicated bathroom outlet circuit, bathroom Yuba power supply from the lighting circuit, then, the best lighting circuit to install RCD. In short, follow a principle: it is possible to touch the loop when it is charged, it should Install RCD.

The general home distribution box is the figure above, the left is the total incoming switch (commonly known as the "total brake"), the left is a few narrow is not equipped with RCD circuit breakers, lighting, distribution box , Lighting standby and hanging air conditioners, the right is a few wide is installed RCD circuit breakers, respectively, general outlet, kitchen outlet, toilet outlet and cabinet air-conditioning outlet.

The only drawback of a circuit breaker with an RCD is that it is twice as wide as a circuit breaker without an RCD. The former is 36mm and the latter is 18mm. If the circuit is more, the area of the distribution box will be larger, which will affect the appearance, At the same time, the price of circuit breakers with RCD will be slightly higher. But compared with the safety of life, this shortcoming is almost negligible.